Cat Boarding

At Four Paws Inn, our feline friends enjoy a comfortable lodging experience designed just for kitties. Our clean & spacious cat accomodations come with the amenities of home to make every cat purr.

Purrfect Accommodations

The cattery at Four Paws Inn is designed to meet a feline’s special set of needs. Climate-controlled and separated from our canine lodging areas, our cattery is serene and comfortable. Our feline guests enjoy:

  • Spacious cat condos that can be adjoined for multi-cat families
  • Separate compartments for litter and food
  • Glass-front or open cat boarding condos available
  • Plush bedding and favorite toys to make them feel right at home
  • Meals served twice daily (or free fed). We recommend you bring your cat’s usual diet, but we offer a high-quality food for no extra charge
  • Litter is scooped four times daily and kept fresh
  • Venting for each individual condo to the outside to control odor.
Four Paws Inn - Cat petting

First Night of Cat Boarding is Free

First Night Free. Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Boarding discount applies to first time customers only and is valid for any lodging accommodation selected.

Four Paws Inn - Cat playing

Feline Fun!

Many cats benefit from a certain amount of engagement when away from home. Every feline guest at Four Paws Inn enjoys free cattery roaming time, every day. Our cattery is outfitted with exciting toys and climbing structures, not to mention our cat-loving staff members. Playful cats love laser chases and wand toys, while lap cats enjoy cuddles and kisses galore.