Dog Boarding San Antonio, TX

At Four Paws Inn, you can rest assured that your pup will enjoy the utmost love and care while you are away at our dog boarding facility in San Antonio. Climate-controlled rooms offer cozy accommodations for your dog plus plenty of attention and TLC from our team will make them feel right at home. Your furry friend will enjoy a truly happy and engaging experience each day.


Our overnight guests can take advantage of:

  • Climate-controlled rooms offer cozy accommodations and the perfect blend of convenience and luxury
  • Dog-friendly furnishings, such as soft bedding and their favorite toys
  • Pampering from our devoted team, including room service
  • Consistent five-point well-being evaluations each day
  • Calming harmonies and classical music
  • In-suite dining twice a day. (We strongly suggest that you bring your own food, but we are more than happy to provide high-quality dog food free of charge.)
  • Four potty breaks every day
  • Custom activity packages tailored to each pet
dog boarding san antonio tx

50% Off Dog Boarding for New Clients

Rebate applied when you select activities. Discount applies to first time clients, is subject to availability and can't be combined with other offers. Discounts not available during the holidays.

dog boarding san antonio tx


As devoted pet owners, we understand that leaving your furry friend behind can be tough. That's why we crafted discounted activity packages to ensure your dog is as happy and engaged as ever while you're away. Keeping your pup active is essential to their well-being. Our tried and tested approach will give your four-legged companion the activity they crave and the joy they deserve!

Options include:

  • Group Play: Does your pup love to socialize? Our Group Play option is a great way to give them the companionship they need. Your little furry friend will be grouped with others of similar size and energy level and allowed to romp around in our spacious, grassy play yard equipped with plenty of toys and activities for hours of supervised fun safety monitored by us!
  • Individual Play: For the pup that loves human companionship, Individual Play with a trained staff member is the perfect solution. We understand that every dog has its own preferences, so whether your canine pal prefers fetching a ball or getting plenty of tummy rubs, we will be sure to provide them with plenty of opportunities for their favorite kind of interaction!
  • Puppy Love: As we all know, puppies need a little extra TLC. That's why our Puppy Package offers additional playtimes to keep your pup entertained and regular relief breaks to instill healthy behavior. By providing this special package for young pups, you can be sure that your puppy is receiving everything they need during their stay!
  • Extra TLC: Does your beloved senior or special needs pet deserve some extra care? Our Extra TLC Package ensures they get the individualized attention they need! We provide stretch breaks, upgraded bedding, and unlimited medications to keep them healthy and comfortable.
  • Tasty Treats: Delicious delights for your furry friend make their stay truly memorable. Our gourmet dog treats are created with only the best and healthiest ingredients. Every treat is baked with love and care and delivered right to your pet's accommodation with the same luxury as room service.


At Four Paws Inn, we are devoted to ensuring that your beloved pets have a safe and happy stay with us. Not only is our facility equipped for comfort and contentment, but every member of our staff has also been trained in the best animal care techniques.

  • Our team is equipped with certified expertise in pet first-aid and CPR, so your furry friend will always receive the highest care.
  • Our facility is thoughtfully equipped with modern security, cleaning, and air filtration systems to ensure a safe and refreshing atmosphere.
  • Solid fencing safeguards our entire property, ensuring safety and security for all guests.
  • We provide special care and assistance for our senior visitors as well as those with medical requirements.
  • Our outdoor play areas are designed for boundless fun in any weather, no matter the season! With a protective cover and sufficient lighting, dogs can romp to their heart's content.
  • We happily accept all kinds of pups from any breed and with whatever medical afflictions they may have. Even unaltered animals are welcome!
dog boarding san antonio tx

50% Off Dog Boarding for New Clients

Rebate applied when you select activities. Discount applies to first time clients, is subject to availability and can't be combined with other offers. Discounts not available during the holidays.

Dog Boarding FAQ


Cat Boarding

At Four Paws Inn, we understand that our feline friends have special needs and desires. That's why our cattery is climate-controlled to make them as comfortable as possible and separate from the canine areas of the inn. Our feline guests can look forward to the following:

  • Cat condos that offer ample room and can be easily connected to accommodate extra members of the family
  • A distinct separation of litter and food
  • A variety of cozy cat boarding condos with either glass fronts or open designs are available to meet your pet's needs
  • Comfortable bedding and toys to make them feel right at home
  • Meals served twice daily - or free feeding if desired. To ensure your cat's comfort and well-being, we recommend bringing their regular food. However, to save you some trouble, we provide top-quality nutrition at no added cost
  • All litter boxes are regularly maintained and kept in tip-top condition four times a day
  • External venting system to minimize odors

Dog Daycare At The Inn

At Four Paws Inn, your pup will have a blast at doggie daycare! After hours of social play in nature's playground, your furry friend will come home content and eager to spend quality time with you.

  • Our sprawling 3-acre lot is securely fenced, with lush natural grass to provide your pets with ample space to run and play
  • Sheltered and illuminated pavilions allow the fun to continue regardless of the weather
  • We offer an array of safe toys and stimulating play equipment to enhance your pup's daycare experience, making it even more enjoyable
  • Our playgroups are rigorously chosen and skillfully monitored by trained staff to ensure a safe, enjoyable experience
  • Thorough behavioral assessments guarantee that each furry guest enjoys a safe and enjoyable day
  • If your pup enjoys human companionship, individual daycare is the perfect option.

Dog Grooming

Pamper your pup to perfection with a visit to the Paw Spa at the Inn! Our experienced, skilled dog groomers utilize cutting-edge strategies for stress-free appointments and beautiful results. We provide customizable bathing packages as well as a la carte salon services for San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding areas. Let our professionals show you why we are the premier destination for canine care!

Convenienty Located

Directions from San Antonio International Airport to Four Paws Inn:
9800 Airport Blvd, San Antonio, TX 78216

  1. Follow S Terminal Dr and Airport Blvd to I- 410 Access Rd/NE Interstate 410 Loop
  2. Head east on Airport Blvd/Dee Howard Way/S Terminal Dr
  3. Use the middle lane to continue on Airport Blvd/E Terminal Dr
  4. Slight left to stay on Airport Blvd/E Terminal Dr
  5. Continue to follow E Terminal Dr
  6. Continue onto Airport Blvd
  7. Take I-410 E and Crestway Rd to FM1976 E in Converse
  8. Turn left onto I- 410 Access Rd/NE Interstate 410 Loop
  9. Use the left lane to take the ramp onto I-410 E
  10. Take exit 25 toward FM 2252/Perrin-Beitel Rd
  11. Merge onto I- 410 Access Rd/NE Interstate 410 Loop
  12. Take the ramp on the left onto I-410 E
  13. Use the 2nd from the right lane to take the I-35 N exit toward Austin
  14. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Randolph Blvd
  15. Continue onto I-35 Frontage Rd
  16. Continue onto Crestway Rd
  17. Turn right to stay on Crestway Rd
  18. Turn left onto FM1976 E/Gibbs Sprawl Rd
  19. Continue to follow FM1976 E
  20. Destination will be on the right
  21. Four Paws Inn, 8815 FM1976, Converse, TX 78109