Professional Dog Training in Converse, TX

At Four Paws Inn, our dog trainers approach every dog as the unique individual they are. Considering factors like breed, age, personality, and training experience, we custom tailor our dog training programs for the best results. Whether you need obedience training, puppy training, or manners training, our dog training professionals can help. We only use positive methods to ensure a rewarding experience for both your dog and your family. We offer training in the Converse and San Antonio, TX areas.

Customized Dog Training

Our dog training professionals specialize in developing your furry friend into the perfect family companion. Our multi-pronged approach focuses on enhancing communication and comprehension in a way that’s fun and enjoyable for your pet. Our skilled trainers utilize a variety of effective, positive-based training methods to produce the results you want. Here are some of the important skills your pup will learn in Four Paws Inn’s dog training programs:

  • Sit, down, place, leave it, and others
  • Reliable recall
  • Leash walking
  • Polite greetings
  • Impulse control
  • Waiting at doors
  • Appropriate home manners
  • And more!
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Proven & Positive Dog Training Programs

Four Paws Inn is proud to provide high quality dog training in Converse, TX. Since no two dogs are alike, we customize every training program for your needs and goals.

Stay & Train Dog Training Program

This effective and efficient program combines dynamic training with a stay at our pet resort. This unique training opportunity allows us to closely work with your dog, cementing crucial skills and behaviors in the shortest time frame. Here’s what’s included:

  • Multiple daily training lessons customized for your goals
  • Comfortable overnight accommodations in our climate-controlled building
  • Daily play sessions (in group or one-on-one)
  • Comprehensive daily wellness checks
  • Practice exercises and informational materials
  • Post-program phone and email support

Puppy Training

Unlock your young pup’s full potential with our professional puppy training in Converse, TX. We prioritize positive reinforcement techniques to start them off with a strong foundation in obedience, manners, and puppy socialization. Of course, each puppy’s training program is fully customized for their individual needs, motivations, and age to provide a well-rounded education. Starting training early ensures the brightest future for your youngster and sets you on the path to the deepest bond and mutual understanding with your pet. Call us today to learn more about our proven puppy training solutions.

Why is Stay & Train Dog Training So Effective?

Our Stay & Train dog training program offers unique advantages beyond traditional group classes or private lessons. Here are just some reasons pet parents choose this program for their pet’s training.

Balance of Learning and Play. Stay & Train includes abundant playtime punctuated by focused learning sessions. This ensures your dog enjoys a perfect mix of fun and education, priming them to concentrate more effectively during their training sessions. The result is better focus, stronger retention, and a fun time for your pup!

Socialization Opportunities. During their program, your dog will get the chance to play with both dogs and people. This structured, supervised interaction fosters the development of your dog’s social skills, ultimately leading to a well-rounded and self-assured dog.

Productive Training Experience. At Four Paws Inn, we have a dedicated training zone which allows us to control the levels of distractions during training. As your pet learns, we’ll introduce other dogs, sounds, treats, and more during their sessions. This not only enhances their focus but also develops their ability to respond to your cues in real-life situations.

Work with Multiple Dog Trainers. In Stay & Train, your dog gets the chance to work with more than one dog training professional. This helps them learn to associate desired behaviors with the cues given, rather than just the person giving them. By doing this, we can ensure your dog will listen to you and your family at home-- no matter who’s giving the commands.

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"I have been very pleased with the Four Paws Inn daycare and boarding of Piggy Dixie, a Jack Russell/American Pitbull Terrier mix. The staff and service has been exemplary. But, I would like to speak specifically to the 2 week in house training that Piggy received. The training was designed specifically to our and Piggy's needs in the home. They also provided personal training and follow-up visits for me and my daughter so we can maintain consistency at home.  Prior to training Piggy was super excitable and overly friendly. While outside playing she would not redirect or come when called. When on leash she would pull excessively and would not heel. When having guests we would have to either put Piggy outside or in another room because she would jump on and invade other's space. Since training we now have a very socially acceptable dog. She knows and goes to her place when directed and when the doorbell rings she does not rush the door. When entering and exiting she knows to wait at the door until granted permission. She no longer jumps on people when greeting or if she tries, she is easily redirected. Her behavior on leash is much better. We can now go on walks without being pulled in all directions. Her overall demeanor is much more calm. She makes better eye contact and wants to do well and is much more open to learning new things She recently participated in a 20 person group outdoor photo session without incident. She was the star of photo session. That's something that would have never happened prior to training.  Now we can include Piggy Dixie in all aspects of family life and events. Thank you Four Paws Inn."

Free Dog Training Evaluation! ($79 Value)

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