Training Questionnaire

Your Name:(Required)

Getting To Know Your Pet

1. Does your dog pull on a leash?(Required)
2. Is chewing an issue (shoes, furniture, etc.)?(Required)
3. Does your dog have accidents in the house?(Required)
4. Does your dog damage anything while you’re away from home?(Required)
5. Is your dog showing aggression toward people or other dogs?(Required)
6. Does your dog show fear?(Required)
7. Is your dog destructive in the backyard?(Required)
8. Does your dog beg for food at the table?(Required)
9. Does your dog vocalize too much (barks, howls, whines, etc.)?(Required)
10. Does your dog jump on house guests?(Required)

Training Goals

1. Sit on verbal command(Required)
2. Improve socialization skills with other dogs(Required)
3. Improve socialization skills with people(Required)
4. Walk calmly on leash(Required)
5. Walk by side while OFF leash(Required)
6. Minimize/control jumping(Required)
7. Lay down on verbal command(Required)
8. Down & Stay (short duration)(Required)
9. Down & Stay (long duration)(Required)
10. Come on verbal command while on leash(Required)
11. Come on verbal command - OFF leash from distance(Required)
12. Place on command (on bedding, in crate, or special place)(Required)